Exclusive: Interview with Killian Donnelly

Who are you playing?

K: I am playing Deco, who is the lead singer of The Commitments.

Do you have a particular affinity with The Commitments? 

K: The first time that The Commitments was introduced to my family was on a holiday we took to Florida in 1995 when I was about eleven. My older brother was reading the book and he was laughing at random times reading it, but he would never tell me why and what it was about. He was always teasing me, saying ‘I’m not letting you know what it’s about you’re too young’. Then my mother did the same thing on the same holiday and read the book. My father did the same thing and read the book.  I wasn’t allowed to know what they were laughing at. So now that I am in the play – they are not allowed to see what the script is about!

Tell us a bit about your character.

K: My character is Deco who is the lead singer of the group.  I like to think that Deco is hard on the outside but soft on the inside – he doesn’t let anyone in and he’s kind of a bully and really aggressive. I think Jimmy Rabbitte, who is the manager of the band, is the only one who can sort of break him.  As soon as Deco is given a compliment that he’s a great singer he is very full of himself and thinks he is the number one signer in the world. He is his own number one fan basically, a bit arrogant – so an amazing character to play.

A Star is Born!

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